You’re always just doing your best. I’m not striving for perfection, I’m striving for progress. And I hope that my honesty with my shortcomings will make other people feel like they’re not off or alien.  We all get busy. We take ourselves for granted. And we try to figure out how to do better the next week.

The thing about life is that whatever path you choose, it is going to be difficult. Life is hard. There is no such thing as an easy path. So, pick the fulfilling path. Pick the path that will be worth the blood, sweat, and tears to thrive during the journey.

I believe women who want to be entrepreneurs, need two core things to succeed: strength and smarts.”

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So She Slays

People say necessity is the mother of all invention, which is definitely applicable to my story. A few years back, I started creating my own bath products after several failed attempts to use what was readily available to the market. I even had some custom made for my sensitive skin and vagina, but it didn’t matter what I tried. I always left the tub with the beginnings of an infection. I had had enough. I began making my own bath products where I could guarantee pure, organic ingredients that were gentle enough for my sensitive body. Once I perfected my recipes, I got to thinking that other people might also like these products. And that is how Bomb AF was born.