The Bomb AF Experience

Handcrafted & Ethically Sourced

USDA Organic & safe for internal use oils

Naturally pure baking soda for pH balance

Himalayan Pink Salt to detox and relax the body

An oil blend that encourages vaginal wetness


After Moon

After your cycle cleanse.

You know it's over. Or at least you are really, truly, deeply hoping that it's over. But is it over over? Like white underwear over?That is where After Moon comes in: a calming, cleansing tea tree oil blend with chamomile & lavender flower buds, hydrating sweet almond & coconut oil base designed to gently cleanse & freshen your body post menstruation. To finish what is left when it's over. 

 A cleansing #BombAF bath time experience


Relax, bb

the basic (not so basic) Bomb AF Experience.

Basic this, basic that... Be basic, babe. Anything that makes you really happy - keep it.Relax, bb is our basic blend in all its basic glory - Sweet spearmint & lavender oil blend, lavender & chamomile flower buds to sooth your mind, body & spirit while Himalayan Pink Salt detoxes the body and hydrating sweet almond & coconut oil replenish the skin. Organic oils and flower petals, pure salts, vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free.

A basic #BombAF bath time experience


Rosey B

Wrap yourself in luxury self care.

Picture it, the day flies by and before you know it you're home for some much needed end-of-the-day relaxation.You dip into a Bomb AF bath, an aromatic and soul nourishing rose oil blend & rose petals fill your bath time with delight. Sweet almond & coconut oil go to work wrapping your skin in luxury. This special oil blend is hydrating your skin, evening skin tone, and encouraging your natural yoni wetness.

Now that is a #BombAF bath time experience

Bomb AF | Set of 3 Organic Bath Bombs

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